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Leica SL system will compete against the Sony A7 system for triple the price!

[shoplink 40718 ebay]Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-23 um 10.22.47[/shoplink]

In two weeks from now Leica will launch a completely new system camera with new mount. And it can be considered to be the real first Sony Full Frame E-mount competition. The Leica camera will be mirrorless and not(!) a rangefinder Leica M. It will be Full Frame, have a new mount, full autofocus support and EVF. And according to the camera name will be “Leica SL”. This because the design is inspired by the [shoplink 40718 ebay]Leicaflex SL film cameras (like the one you see on the picture on top)[/shoplink].

The one big thing that will make it NOT a Sony competitor is the price. The body only will cost 2-3 times more than a Sony A7 camera!

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