Mathieu Stern 3D printed a 135mm FE lens for the Sony A7 camera!



Mathieu Stern created that amazing 3D-printed 135mm FE lens for the Sony A7 cameras! It’s a sort of Petzval alike lens or if you prefer a poor man’s Zeiss 135mm version :)

This is what he writes:

I met Arnault Coulet, CEO of a French 3D printing agency called FABULOUS. His team and he designed the 3D prototype and printed the lens. Luckyly for us, he saw all the crazy potential and fun we could create with this project.
I worked with them on designing a lens that could be mounted directly on my camera. Once I received the 3D printed parts from Arnault, I saw my crazy lens coming to “life” and… it worked !!
I had in my hand a monocle lens (meaning it has just one glass lens in the front) and in my estimation (I did the maths), it is a 135mm 1.8 lens.
I needed to give it a real first test, so I mounted it on my fullframe mirrorless camera. So I went to one of the most incredible place in France : Le Mont St Michel, which is one of the official World’s Wonders.
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