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First full Zeiss Otus 85 video review and RAW samples by Matt Granger and Ming Thein.


Matt Granger posted that great Zeiss Otus 85mm video review you can watch on top. And plenty of image samples including RAW files can be downloaded on his page:
Ming Thein alss posted his Zeiss review and indirectly explains also why this lens is best used on the Sony A7 cameras. He tested the lens on the Nikon D800 and focusing is a real challenge:

I think this is going to be the biggest hurdle for most users: even with my custom focusing screens, calibrated mirror and finder magnifier, it’s extremely challenging to consistently hit critical focus wide open. The viewfinder system is simply inadequate. The only optical finder-based method I’ve found that can nail focus involves racking it slowly while shooting a burst – disastrous for critical timing, but just fine for static subjects. Live view and a tripod is of course highly advisable

And if you read my previous post about the high resolution cameras from Sony this may be one of the few lenses capable of resolving a 50MP resolution on a Full Frame E-mount camera. But well, it comes at a high cost :(

BHphoto with Nikon mount (Click here) or Canon mount (Click here) version.
Adorama with Nikon mount (Click here) or Canon mount (Click here) version.

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