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Meike 10mm f/2.0 APS-C lens review at SonyAlphaBlog


Marc from SonyAlphaBlog tested the new Meike 10mm f/2.0 APS-C lens and concluded:

The Meike 10mm F2 and the Sony 11mm F1.8 are the best among the 4 lenses tested

The Meike is the best in term of sharpness on the entire image has low distortion, low vignetting and good color rendition but very long min focusing distance so not so good bokeh and very little background blur
The Sony is excellent in term of sharpness but corners don’t reach the same level, it has AF, very good color rendition , very short min focusing distance allowing to have very nice bokeh balls and a relatively smooth background blur

As price is quite similar the choice will be more determined by the type of photos you will do with a 10mm

It is now available at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon ES.

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