Metabones first impressions on DPreview. Canon FD, Minolta MD and Amount to be supported later.


The holy grail of the adapters got tested at Dpreview. And they basically come to the same conclusion of other reviewers: “Image quality is very impressive, with results that compare exceptionally well against a full frame sensor. You do pay a small price in terms of corner softness and CA.

If you have more questions about the adapter check out this FAQ on Metabones website. And the interesting news you can read on it is that “We will be looking into Canon FD (lens here on eBay), Minolta MD (here on eBay) and Sony Alpha in the future.

UPDATE: SAR reader Vivek sent me a link to his super nice set of image samples with the Speed Booster:

The EF to E-mount adapter is now shipping via the Metabones website. To get notified when more adapters are in Stock on eBay save this search on Slidoo.