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More about the new Sony F55 camcorder…


Matt Ryan unveiled some details about the new Sony PL mount F55 camera:
The New sony camera is the F5 ($22-$25,000 range)! They are skipping the 4 model number and going to 5…They are aiming for the C300/500/Scarlet market with this.
Compression Schemes:
50 Mbps XDCam @ 422
80 Mbps XAVCHD @ 422
120 Mbps iframe compressed not XD Cam
220 Mbps “SR” @ 422 (only on new “SxS Raw+” Memory cards…. these are new!)
You can only record the full 4k frame with the R5 SR Recorder, otherwise you will record windowed footage.
120 frames per second in HD (1080), codec: XAVCHD
No on board 4K. Must use R5 recorder using a NEW type of memory card to record 4K and/or RAW.
R5 Recorder Suggested Price at the moment is $19,000! Not to mention the recording media. May change before the release.
There is also an F55 4K camera coming too, and that is what Sony is calling the direct competitor to the Epic. They think the Epic is way behind the F65…Seriously…
They will also be announcing a new set of lenses much better than their previous ones and at a t2.0 (set of 6 made by a famous lens company exclusively for Sony)…
That’s all the info I have for now…”

Thanks Matt (and Oneguy for sending this)!

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