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More feedbacks from sources about the NEX-FF


As you know yesterday I posted an SR4 rated rumor about the NEX-FF announcement in autumn. Hope it can become soon SR5. Here is the feedback I got from three other sources:

1) One trusted source that usually has info on the A-mount roadmap said that he “heard” the NEX-FF will be in Stock in 2014. But he doesn’t know yet if the announcement will be made earlier (in late 2013).

2) An anonymous source confirmed the announcement for late 2013.

3) Another trusted source said there will be a big announcement in autumn. But he doesn’t know yet if it’s the FF-NEX or A-mount mirrorless.

Overall we still don’t know what exactly Sony will announce: The real final camera, or just a prototype or just make a general introduction of the new system. The good news is that I also received first info about the lenses. I am checking the info with other soruces right now and will post them as soon as it gets.

As usual stay tuned on SAR!

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