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More new Sony A33/55 reviews…

Share tested the SonyA55 translucent camera. But they prefer the Canon rebels over the Translucent cameras: “There are a number of aspects about the Sony A55 that I really like. The camera has great technology, it takes awesome video (with excellent full-time AF while shooting), has built in GPS, ISO 12800, and it has all the perks of a pellicle mirror. It’s not without its problems though: the camera seems like it could use a firmware upgrade (past v1.10), the GPS was wonky, and the sensor overheating made shooting video a pain when it should have been a great experience. I’m still impressed with the A55, and it could be a good choice if you need something that takes excellent (short) videos, but I wouldn’t recommend it over cameras like the T2i/T3i.

The french website Alpha-Numerique posted the second part of their A55 review. They went to a theatre to test the A55 performance. They found that the AF speed, EVF and Image stabilization features are very useful features for theatre video works because it makes it possible to work in very low-light conditions.

And to finish cameralabs updated their Sony A33 review (To be honest I don’t remember what parts have been changed but I have been told that they did change the article).

Direct Sony A55 shop links [shopcountry 3617] Direct Sony A33 shop links [shoplink 3620]

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