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Mr. Tanaka says it’s about time to announce new ASP-C Cameras!


For months now we are going on telling you Sony should announce a new High End APS-C camera as next. Well, a confirmation that indeed APS-C cameras will be announced soon is coming directly through the words of Sony manager Mr. Tanaka. In an interview released at he said this:


In summary:

– The goal now was to focus on Full Frame cameras to satisfy the demand of the customers
– He said this goal has been achieved and it’s about time to focus on making APS-C cameras

Mr. Tanaka did obviously not hint about the timing about such a product announcement. All we know for sure now is that this is what we have to expect to be announced as next.

One more thing:

At Photokina Sony managers hinted that there might be a product announcement before the PhotoPlus show. One of the sources “indirectly” heard this could happen on October 16. But so far I wasn’t able to confirm this date. I hope to get more info the next 48 hours. But please keep in mind there is yet no solid rumor about that date.

What’s 85% confirmed is that Sony is ready to release a new High End APS-C E-mount camera. Just let’s hope it’s really coming at PhotoPlus!

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