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MX now shipping the Canon EOS to E-mount adapter (the one with AF support)

[shoplink 15031 ebay]


The makers of the Canon EOS to E-mount adapter with full AF and Aperture support contacted me to tell me that they just started to sell the adapter through their own [shoplink 15031 ebay]direct eBay Store (Click here to see the auction[/shoplink]). I found it very important to have adapters like that. It will make it easier for many current Canon owners to jump into the Sony NEX world.

And as I told you before the MXcamera will also make a fully AF and aperture supported Contax G and Nikon G adapter! Coming in early 2013!

Here is the video to show how it works:


P.S.: The smart Mag Filters for the RX100 are now in Stock in large quantity at Amazon (Click here).

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