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UPDATE: This may be the first A99 image samples???


After the National Photographer Michael Yamashita also another Photographer leaked some A99 images. Mr.Mao is a famous photographer working for Sony china. A few days ago he wrote on his blog that he was working with a new Sony DSLR camera in inner Mongolia. Today he published some photos of this trip on his blog ( The camera name on the EXIF data was deleted.

I can’t post the pictures from a private closed account on SAR. Please use that login to access the account:

pass: sonyalpharumors

After the login click here to see the picture of the photographer with the A99 camera? And the inner Mongolia pictures are here, here and here. If these are really images taken with the A99 you will see them removed within the next couple of hours.

UDPATE: Our reader Torode posted the three pictures here: (Thanks!)

Reminder: The announcement of the A99 along the NEX-6, A and E-mount lenses is scheduled for September 12th! Stay tuned on SAR on that day! Subscribe the RSS feed and join the Facebook page to not miss any new rumor!

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