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Sony-Fuji alliance on the viewfinder front (a 1:5000 contrast ratio for the OLED viewfinder)


As you know both the A99 and the NEX-6 will feature a new OLED 2,36k dot viewfinder. Photorumors (found via Fujirumors) reports that Fuji is going to announce a new X-E1 camera tomorrow that will feature exactly the same A99 and NEX-6 viewfinder! The viewfinder has an amazing 1:5000 contrast ratio. Sony is not only sharing their sensor technology to Nikon (speak the D800 for example) to Pentax (upcoming K-3) but also the viewfinder technology. Another step into the complete Sony world domination? :)

Anyway, this means that we have to follow tomorrows Fuji announcement to get an idea of the quality of the viewfinder. The X-E1 will cost almost exactly like the NEX-6 (a bit less than $1000).

Meantime the NEX-7 body price at Amazon remains $1199 (Click here) but it’s is getting lower on eBay. $1099 at [shoplink 13758 ebay]Arphoto[/shoplink] or $1.119,71 at [shoplink 13757 ebay]Bigvalue[/shoplink]


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