New A77 reviews and studio comparison at Dpreview.


In this episode we dive into the new Sony Alpha A77 in a bit more detail and talk about image quality versus the A850, the 12fps, OLED viewfinder etc. In our tutorials section we talk about how cameras measure light at 18% reflectance and what that means to your exposure.

You want to have some fun? Get at Dpreview (Click here) to test the studio comparison tool which now includes the A77 images! And what do you think?

Photoreview (Click here) posted a new A77 review: “Subjective assessments of test image files show them to be extremely good. Colours appear natural and we found the sensor/processor  combination produced images containing a wide brightness range, regardless of whether the Dynamic Range Optimiser was on or off. Image noise only became visible at ISO 6400 and it was mainly  the granularity of luminance noise. Shots taken at higher ISO settings were printable at A4 size but softening and granularity became noticeable by ISO 12,800.

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