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New A7rII tests. Gary Fong Introduces The New Sony a7Rii.


A7rII image samples by Mark Galer (

Note: UK readers can grab the A7rII right now at Amazon UK.

Marc Galer’s A7rII RAW files can be downloaded at

And Gary Fong posted that A7rII introduction video:

Live panel discussion with Sony on August 12 at BHphoto (Click here to read detailed info).
Low Light and Metabones test at Newsshooter.
Sony α7R II review – DAY 5: ClearImage Zoom and Detail setting test by Davide Roveri on Youtube.
A7rII test at Fengniao.
Brian Smith talking about the A7rII at Uniquephoto (Youtube).

A7rII preorder list:
In USA: at Amazon, BHphoto, AdoramaSonyStore US, FocusCamera, Uniquephoto.
In Europe at Sony DEUK, FR, IT, ES, NL, BE, CH, AT, SE, FI, NO, PT. Wex UK.
In Asia at Digitalrev, CameraPro.

A7rII case:
Gariz leather case in [shoplink 39113 ebay]Black (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 39108 ebay]Camel (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 39110 ebay]Orange (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 39111 ebay]Brown (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 39112 ebay]Red (Click here)[/shoplink]. Also available on Amazon US (Click here).
Gariz Alcantara case in [shoplink 39094 ebay]Black (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 39095 ebay]Red (Click here)[/shoplink]. Also available on Amazon US (Click here).
Lim’s case in [shoplink 39107 ebay]Black (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 39102 ebay]Brown (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 39103 ebay]Red (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 39104 ebay]Yellow (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 39105 ebay]Navy Blue (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 39106 ebay]Khaki (Click here)[/shoplink]. Also available on Amazon US (Click here).

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