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New Adobe Camera RAW adds A560/580 support (+ new A55 review by Tony Bridge)


Adobe updated their Camera Raw plug-in and added support for the new Sony A560 and A580 cameras.

The Photographer Tony Bridge reviewed the [shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink]: “They are certainly not the first to use one in a  DSLR (Panasonic did it with the G1/GH1) but this viewfinder is so close to an optical one that I would have no hesitation in going electronic with all my cameras from here on. Combine that with the pellicle mirror and all the advantages that accrue from that decision and a sensor which is clearly at the top of its class and you have a picture making machine which represents astonishing value. At that price it has to be the weapon of choice. For a long time I’ve been looking for a camera which was small, light, intuitive and offered me a quality level suitable for exhibition work, which offered no compromise results at a highly compromised price point (so call me le miserable!). Not all of us are in a position to afford a Leica.Click here to read the full review. Thanks Tony for sending me the link!

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