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New Panasonic GH5 puts high pressure on the future A6700 and A7sIIII


Panasonic announced the new GH5 camera (specs here). And in many areas it marks a new pinnacle in the “hybrid mirrorless” segment. It’s good to see Panasonic bringing such an advanced model as I hope Sony will soon answer with a new A7s mark III that can match or beat some of its features. And the A6700 coming in March should have some GH5 features too…just a joke…it’s not coming in March :)

First of all the GH5 has a dual card slot. And at least we have been told by our sources that the next generation A7s mark III will have such a dual card slot. But what Sony should give us too are some of the other Gh5 features like:

1) Very fast and reliable autofocusing (DFD tech)
2) 10 bit 4:2:2 internal recording (at 400Mbps)
3) proper Full Size Hdmi connection (not that stupid mini Hdmi). And USB-C!
4) Overall better button layout and menu structure
5) Unlimited recording time and no overheating
6) 3,680k-dot OLED LVF

Philip Bloom seems to agree with me that Sony has a lot to learn from the GH5:

Panasonic could be onto a winner here in the indie sector and maybe further. 10bit capture internally with no time limits? If it is good expect this to be used as extra cameras on big shoots. Roll on March! Over to you Sony, you better make that A7S III have specs to at least equal this! That is a big ask!

There are many other cool details you can learn from those two videos below:

Panasonic GH5 (Thoughts from a Sony Mirrorless Shooter)

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