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New Sony A6500 reviews


Sony a6500 Overheating Solved?

First Look at the Sony a6500 APS-C Mirrorless Camera by Fstoppers. That’s what they write about the new Touch Focus:

Where I find Touch Focus to be most useful is while shooting barely moving or stationary subjects and I’m simply recomposing my framing. This is a very basic use, but for a reason. The touchscreen suffers from some lag between the time you press it to when it activates. I also found it difficult to drag my finger around to track a subject while at the same time keeping my composition and timing my capture moments. Even with these setbacks, I appreciated using it while photographing scenes where there were many potential subjects such as a concert with multiple people on stage in front of the lens. I could find a certain framing I really liked and then quickly tap which band member I wanted to be in focus before getting the shot off. It’s much faster than doing it manually in this scenario.

A6500 review by Hello Mikee:

It’s shaping out to be one of the best compact cameras I’ve ever owned and while it has ticked all the major specs I need in order to be the ultimate travel camera, its also the ultimate companion to the a7R II.


Sony A6500 review with Gordon and Doug

A6500 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama, Focuscamera. In EU at, Fotomundus, WexUK. PCHstore.

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