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New Sony A7IV firmware update released


Sony released a major A7IV firmware update. But please read the warning below before to update!


  1. With the lossless compression of the RAW recording method, you can now select M and S sizes for the image size in addition to the conventional L size.
  2. The shutter speed and ISO sensitivity settings for flash photography can now be retained.
  3. Supports touch shutter.
  4. Improved accuracy of Eye AF.
  5. The serial number of the camera can now be recorded in the metadata in the video file.
  6. Improved operability of Wi-Fi connection.
  7. Added “1 minute” for monitor auto-off time.
  8. Improved the phenomenon that the EVF display may not be bright according to the brightness of the surroundings.
  9. Improved operational stability.


  • When updating from a version lower than Ver.1.01, you need to update to Ver.1.05 first. Please update to Ver.1.10 after updating to Ver.1.05. If you try to update this version without updating to Ver.1.05, an error will occur and you will not be able to update.
  • Follow the instructions below to check the system software version.
    Note: If the Date/Time setting screen appears when you turn on your camera, be sure to set the date and time to the correct values.

    1. On the camera, select Menu.
    2. Select SetupSetup OptionVersion.
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