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New Sony Cine Alta camera with over 4K !


A current Sony Cine Alta camera (not the rumored 8k camera!)

We are not talking about a new Alpha camera but it’s good to hear were Sony is going with their large sensor video cameras. According to fdtimesSony is planning to show the prototype of a new >4K motion picture camera at NAB 2011 (April)“.

They had the chance to see the camera. The camera has a PL mount, an 8K sensor(!!!) with 8768 x 2324 pixel single CMOS sensor (that’s 20.4 Megapixels), Super35 3-perf size, 16-bit RAW output, 16:8:8. SIMPLY AMAZING! To record all that data the new Cine Alta camera will take use of a 1 TB Memory Card!

Sony is really releasing one amazing video camera after another (remember the Full Frame and NEX videocameras). Would love they would be that fast in releasing Alphacameras too!

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