(UPDATED) New Sony NEX-7 reviews and corner issues discussions.


The video on top shows the NEX-7 on the Vivicam Slider (available here on eBay).

There is a new full NEX-7 review at ePhotozine (Click here) and of course it gets Highly Recommended. But no camera is 100% perfect and Klaus from Photozone says there are some corner issues on the NEX-7. Links:
I know Klaus very well and I know he absolutely likes the Sony NEX system. The NEX-7 corner issue doesn’t change the fact that the NEX-7 is a damn good camera. Just like any camera be aware of the limitations!

UDPATE: There is one more hands-on review at SonyAlphaLab (Click here).

Another reader sent me this: “Still waiting for my NEX 7, but in the meantime my Hawk’s Factory Close Focus Leica M – Sony E adapter arrived.  Lets you mount Leica M lenses, just like any other adapter, but it also has a focusing helicoid built in to let you focus 50-80% closer than usual with any M lens.  Here’s my review, though you might be interested as it’s exclusively a Sony E mount product right now: http://jbhildebrand.com/2012/gear/hawks-factory-close-focus-adapter-review/“.
The in Stock status of the NEX-7 is changing every day. So feel free to use these linsk to check if and where it is in Stock:

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