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New Voigtlander 110mm FE reviews by Marc Alhadeff, Fred Miranda and Photographyblog


Voigtlander 110mm f/2.5 FE lens is in Stock for the first time at BHphoto.

Marc Alhadeff writes:

We retain exceptional sharpness of the 65mm but we add a better focal length for macro and a 1:1 ratio
The lens can easily compete with the Sony 90mm F2.8 macro G OSS (1100 euros) and does even a little bit better in term of sharpness.
For real macro where you are anyway in manual focus its focusing ring is more precise than the Sony thanks to its 360° rotation from 70cm to 35cm
The lens is also very good at portraits with beautiful blurry background but the lens is maybe too sharp for portraits

Fred Miranda writes:

The highly anticipated Voigtlander 110/2.5 APO Macro-Lanthar hits the market, and scores a win.
After putting the apochromatic telephoto (capable of 1:1 macro) under great scrutiny, it delivered exceptional macro performance while maintaining IQ at all distances. At infinity and f/4, it’s even slightly better than the Batis 135/2.8 APO – which is one of the top Sony E-mount lenses.
The 110/2.5 APO is a great all rounder. The lack of color aberration, high resolution/contrast and telephoto focal length, make it a solid option for macro, portraits and landscapes.

Photographyblog reviewed the lens and writes:

The Voigtlander 110mm F2.5 Macro APO Lanthar is a stunningly sharp macro lens that offers true 1:1 magnification and a useful working distance from your subject. Boasting the same stellar build quality that we’ve come to expect from recent Voigtlander lenses, this new optic is a real gem.

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