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NEX-7 news roundup + new madness auctions + watch out BHphoto!

[shoplink 10758 ebay][/shoplink]

Luminous Landscape (Click here) made a new real world comparison between the Leica M9 and Sony NEX-7: “The cameras are very close, but there is a slight advantage to the Sony, almost certainly due to it having a higher resolution sensor.”

Peter Sills (Click here) wrote the “10 Firmware Update Suggestions for the NEX-7“.

Photographytalk (Click here) listed the “10 Surprises of the Sony NEX-7 Camera That Will Cause Serious Photographers To Look Twice“.

DCresource (Click here) posted a RAW versus JPEG comparison. RAW image do look quite good!

Menawhile the ebay madness continues. There are two new NEX-7 auctions on eBay US ([shoplink 10771 ebay]Click here[/shoplink] and [shoplink 10775 ebay]Click here[/shoplink]). Yesterday the NEX-7 has been sold for $3.761,00 ([shoplink 10758 ebay]Click here to see[/shoplink])!!! And used NEX-7 cameras are worth $3.200 on Amazon too (Click here).

But those of you looking for the chance to get the NEX-7 body for the normal price should look at Bhphoto (Click here). A “bird” told em they will have a new limited Stock within the next few days!

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