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Next Sony press events: What do you hope to get? A9, A7sIII, RX1III or….


We heard of three possible Sony announcements:

  1. 60% chance to see a product announcement in London 20 April at the Sony World Photo Awards (Three years ago Sony announced the A77II at the World Photo Award).
  2. 100% chance to see new products (likely camcorders) at the Las Vegas 23 April at 2pm at NAB show (Three years ago Sony announced the A7s at the NAB).
  3. 70% chance to see new products at the June announcement (Date still to be confirmed).

My guts tell me that June is the more “natural” timing for major FF E-mount announcements unless Sony surprises us on April 20-23. So far we got rumors about:

  1. Sony High End and High Speed E-mount camera (Around 20fps and around 20MP, dual SD card slot, joystick, A6500 similar touchscreen/menu/autofocus)
  2. New camcorders (maybe new E-mount camcorder too?)
  3. New 16-35mm f/2.8 GM
  4. New 100-400mm FE GM
  5. RX1rIII (42MP sensor, IBIS, same 3.68MP Leica Q EVF and 4K video)

We know Sony sometimes makes a big press event for literally nothing. So be prepared to be disappointed or to be surprised :)

Now the BIG question for SAR readers:

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