Nikon 1 versus NEX posts…(and the NYT loves NEX!!!)


As you know Nikon announced their first mirrorless system and after reading some reviews it really sounds like the image quality is visibly behind the one offered by the Sony NEX system. The image on top is from DxOmark (Click here). They tested the Nikon sensor and as you can see it doesn’t come close to the one offered by the Sony NEX-C3. And I bet the score difference will be even higher once DxO will test the Sony NEX-5n. Click the links to see the comparisons: Nikon J1 vs Sony NEX-C3 vs Panasonic G3

Cameralabs (Click here) tested the new Nikon V1 and compared it with the NEX-7: “Most obviously the NEX-7 has a much larger and higher resolution sensor. The surface area is over three times greater, and it sports almost two and a half times as many pixels: 24.3 vs 10.1 Megapixels. Thanks to the larger surface area, the NEX-7 photosites are also about 50% larger in area, so it should enjoy a sensitivity advantage too.

J1 versus NEX-5n comparison at Digitalcamerainfo (Click here): “The Sony’s large sensor advantage really rears its head in noise and dynamic range testing, however, as theNEX-5 is able to keep noise down to minimal levels while the J1 offers performance that is typical—if a bit behind—other mirrorless cameras we have tested to this point“.

And now let’s see what Canon will do to compete against the Sony NEX system…

Oh one more thing: Our reader Stefan sent us the link to an article on the New York Times (Click here) written by David Pogue. Actually it sounds like a Love-Letter to Sony: “I’m on record as being in love with Sony’s NEX series. These are extremely tiny interchangeable-lens cameras that, unlike the Nikon and Pentax, have huge, S.L.R.-sized sensors inside. (I’m going crazy waiting for November’s NEX-7, which adds the two things the NEX family was missing: a flash and an eyepiece viewfinder.)“.

Message to Sony: Your cameras are amazing, can you now please speed up the new NEX lens release?

Links to all new NEX cameras, lenses and the viewfinder:
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