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Nikon D3200 has or has not the same Sony 24 MP sensor?


Chipworks dismantled the Nikon D3200 and analyzed the sensor of the camera. While there is a clear “Nikon” mark on it I want to ask if someone actually read the full report (you have to pay to download it). A mark alone is not enough to be sure the sensor is different from the A77/A65/NEX-7 sensor.

I want to repeat once again that I am 99% sure the Nikon D800 sensor is the same because of the simple reason that I posted about that 36 Megapixel sensor almost one year before the Nikon D800 came out. And I also said by that time that it would be used by a Nikon camera. I am not so sure about the D3200 sensor. It may be the same sensor with just a Nikon mark on it, it may be a Nikon slightly modified sensor, it may a completely non Sony sensor. I hope smart tech guys can answer this.

Anyway, this is just a minor debate and people on SAR shouldn’t get too “hot” while discussing that :)

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