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No!!! See how you can replace a damaged semitransparent mirror! :)


Dario just sent me this incredible story:

Hi, I just want to let you know that yesterday after accidentally damaging the mirror of my A55 with the Eclipse cleaning fluid, I took out the mirror and tried other materials to replace it while I’m waiting for a new mirror. Long story short, food wrap (!) works just almost like the Sony’s mirror: sometimes the AF guesses a little, but most of the time is perfect, and It’s a lot more transparent, so I really don’t get what sony tries to sell us with their 70€ Hi-Tech mirror…
However, food wrap it’s a bit opaque, so the pictures have a slightly soft-focus effect when a bright light hits it. In the next days I’ll try other transparent films: expecially I want to try the plastic protective film for cellphones, I think it’s gonna be a perfect alternative for those who don’t need 100% AF accuracy (although I think it’s almost the same) and improved ISO performance.
Here you can see some pictures of the conversion.

damaged mirror:

removed mirror:

food wrap: (this picture was taken with AF, with the “wrap mirror” already in place, notice the glowing effect on the reflections)

the wrapped mirror:


mirror mounted:

Tell me if you are interested, so I will continue to inform you about this experiment.

Damn, that sounds interesting!

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