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Now it’s getting serious: Two cameras and at least one lens to be announced in July-August. Will the new A7s compete against the EOS-R5?


Yesterday Sony announced the new ZV-1. Our rumors on this camera were spot on and the very same sources made it clear that Sony plans a BIG announcement in July-August (there may be two separate announcements). And if those sources are right once more than we shall get this:

  • Likely (and at last) the new A7sII successor
  • Another camera
  • 12-24mm f/2.8 GM

There might be some more E-mount lenses coming but I haven’t gotten any info on them yet. I also don’t have info about that “second camera” so let’s jump directly to A7sII successor

A7sII successor talk:

1) Canon EOS-R5 and A7sII successor might not be direct competitors:
The Canon EOS-R5 is more of a SonyA7rIV alike camera with advanced video capabilities. So I am not sure the A7sII successor will be a direct competitor. Why do I believe that?

  • Keep in mind the EOS-R5 has no cooling vent like the one the Panasonic S1H has and the A7sII successor is “rumored” to have. So unless Canon has found a way to miraculously dissipate all that heat in a magic way the EOS-R5 isn’t capable of long hours of work.
  • The A7sII successor might NOT have 8K recording. As a professional video camera it is likely to not go after eye-catchy but at the end useless 8K specs. Professional 4K capabilities and performance is more likely to be they key of the cameras success

2) Sony’s big advantage:
For once Sony isn’t necessarily leading the pack and doesn’t have to guess what the competition is doing:

  • Sony knows the EOS-R5 specs
  • Sony knows the rumored price tag (below $4,000)

If Sony marketing is smart they will price the A7sII successor accordingly to be competitive in the video business.

3) What about specs:
Here is the little we know so far:

  • 100% sure: Definitely at least “4K/60, 10-bit 4:2:2″
  • 100% sure: Some features will go “beyond the expectations”
  • 100% sure:  And “of course more battery power, increased AF accuracy – many things!”
  • rumored: The prototype camera recorder 4k120p (and had no 8K recording)
  • rumored: The prototype camera was much thicker and had a cooling vent
  • rumored: Same kind of A9II improvements (AF, build quality, weather sealing)
  • rumored: Sony ZV-1 alike fully articulating screen

In Summary:
Do not expect a 100% Canon EOS-R5 clone camera- The A7sII successor is going to be a clearly professional video oriented camera made for pro use. I expect a Sony A7rV or a mythical A9r to outspec the EOS-R5. But I don’t think such a camera will be announced in 2020. Before the A7V/A9r we shall get this “Mysterious” second camera by end June-early July and likely a new A7IV by end 2020.

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