Official A58 and NEX-3n videos.


Sony posted new videos about the new cameras. On top you see the A58 presentation. And click here to see the NEX-3n video. If you speak German you may check out the nice presentation made by and ClubSonos.

The A58:
The A58 should be seen as the successor for the A37. If you see it from that perspective the A58 certainly is a nice camera and also priced well. Price for body with new 18-55mm SAM II kit lens $599 but preorders at Amazon and BHphoto will be online on Monday only. I know it sounds weird but the official US presentation will be made on Monday!

The NEX-3n:
The main coolness of this camera is the incredible tiny size (check the size comparison at ePhotozine)! It’s the smallest APS-C mirrorless camera of the world and the $499 price includes the 16-50mm pancake zoom. That’s a good price if you consider that the current NEX-F3 with the less good and much bigger 18-55mm lens has the same price (here at Amazon). Also the body quality has been improved over the NEX-F3 with a less “plastic” feeling.

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