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Optekas new E-mount lens launch delayed because of “tollerance” issues


Opteka recently announced five new manual focusing APS-C E-mount lenses with a similar (or the same) optical design of the current Meike E-mount lenses. But the launch just got delayed:

In order to overcome the mount variations between the A6000 and earlier, A6300, and A6500, the release date of Sony E-mount versions may be delayed. Either two mount versions of each lens will be made, or one version that splits the 1/100th of a millimeter difference between the mounts. The latter scenario will require testing to ensure that each lens remains within tolerance across the Sony E-Mount line. The former will delay the release of the Sony A6300/6500 version only.
Regardless, all of our new mirrorless lenses will come with a five year U.S. warranty.

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