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Our reader Martin Marek created this open-source Burst Photo app


Martin made a Burst App that is freely available on the Mac App Store.

I made a free, open-source app that brings the computational photography tech in smartphones to professional cameras. In other words, it is now possible to get relatively usable images at ISO 204,800 (see the attachment).
The app is completely free and open-source. I do not have any way to financially benefit from it. I simply want to help photography enthusiasts enjoy a bit of computational photography on their main camera. I genuinely believe that the app is useful and that many of your readers might like to know about it. All you need to do is capture a burst of raw images, convert them to DNG, and drop them into the app.
I’ve created an Instagram account that includes new photos and side-by-side comparisons with Lightroom and DxO. I think you’ll like the results 🙂

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