(SR5) New leaked image of the Sony A9II !!!


Here is a new leaked image of the soon to be announced new Sony A9II. From what we heard journalists, youtubers and bloggers have been invited for the launch of this camera on the same weekend of the PhotoPlus show but not directly AT the Photoplus show.

And today also Nokishita confirmed Sony registered the “SonyA9II” camera in Asia:

It also means the camera will be announced very soon!

Sony A9II rumor recap:
– The camera will be announced in October at the same time but not AT the PhotoPlus show in NYC (October  24-26)
– The camera has the same A7rIV body with additional dial on the left.
– The big improvements are INSIDE the camera with a very new generation Sony sensor and improved autofocus
– Unconfirmed: The sensor could have 36MP resolution

Stay tuned on SAR!

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Alex Phan hands-on review with the new Sony FE 600mm F4 GM OS


This is guest post from our friend Alex Phan:

Hands-on with new Sony FE 600mm F4 GM OS.

As always, big thanks to Sony USA for making the lens available. 🙏🙏🙏😍😍.

April 19, 2017, A9 was born. Without a doubt, A9 has the best AF system in the market right now. However, without native lenses to support it, you can’t really can get the fully benefit of the A9. There are Sigma MC11 and Metabones mk V (5th generations). Overall, it works but it still not as fast as native. You can’t get the 20 fps via adapter. Before the release of 400GM, i’ve used Canon 500IS ii, 600IS ii, 800IS, Sigma 500mm f/4, Sigma 150-600 Sport via adapter with my A9. I get pretty good result out of it, but i have to work hard for it. My back and leg are not happy since all of those lenses are super heavy. I also can’t do handheld. Then last year, 400GM is out. Since then, i shoot with 400GM 98% of the time. I just wish for 600mm range and that dream come true today. I’m super happy and exciting to see the Sony 600mm f/4 finally here.

Read More

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