January 2, 2011
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(SR4) A new NEX camera to be announced within the next 2-3 months.


According to one of my very best sources Sony’s next camera will be a new NEX model. The Sony A77 translucent camera will be launched 3-4 months after that model. I am currently investigating the details I received with the rumor. It sounds like this is an unexpected camera which means we never have talked about that camera before on SonyAlphaRumors. So please help me if you can :) If you know more about the next NEX camera (or other Sony cameras) feel free to contact me at sonyalpharumors@gmail.com. You can also use the contact form on the right sidebar. To keep yourself anonymous avoid to give me your real name and email address. But it would be nice if you could use some kind of nickname so that I can recognize you in future. Thanks!

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December 31, 2010
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Happy new year SonyAlphaRumors readers!


Dear SAR readers!

I wish you all the best for the new year!

I Thank you all for the help and support you gave me, for your patience, for your nice mails and for the news and rumors you send me everyday to make my job on this website much easier. I learned a lot from you and I hope I can make this website become even better than it is now.

Right now I am working hard to get new info about the upcoming NEX and Alpha cameras. As usual this is not an easy job but I am quite confident 2011 will become the year where Sony can satisfy all the patient Alpha owners that are waiting for new professional cameras and lenses.

So let’s jump together in the new year! :)

A big Kiss!

December 30, 2010
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(SR1) Impossible A700 successor rumor from chinese source


I received that rumor from a new asian source:

Perhaps sony will announce new DSLT(s) in CES   6,jan,2011
Similar level with Alpha 700 (DSLR)
and it have more powerful performance than A55 , A33
But pixels is similar with a55

Pixels – Similar with A55
Burst – more than 12fps
Movie – Same with A55
AF System – 25point AF System
Battery performance is more powerful than A55
Same EVF , but it can use at studi

I bet this rumor is fake! I post it here because the rumor is floating around the web and many were asking me what I think about it. Now you know it :)

December 30, 2010
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Sony F3 vs Canon 5D video quality test


Photongraph (from www.sonyuserforum.de) found and sent me an interesting Sony PWM-F3 CineAlta Film camera vs. Canon EOS 5D Mark II D-SLR comparison. Click the following to see the move file: http://www.fxguide.com/qt/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/5DvsF3_H264s31.mov

FXguide made the test: “As part of our Red Centre Podcast coverage we want to share this clip with you that compares the Canon 5D Mk II and the new Sony F3. In this test, both cameras were attached to the same tripod locked together – and then panned over the same technical background. The results show the F3 recording a considerably better rolling shutter and the benefit of the F3 not line skipping. The 5D – while having a very high resolution sensor – reduces this image to 1920×1080 in a very abrupt way. So while the larger sensor gives the cinematographer a shallower depth of field, – the poorer technical down res-ing produces some really unwelcome artifacts.
Of course, the 5D does manage to produce good shots every day around the world. Our intend here is is to highlight the technical issues and allow the cinematographer to shoot knowing the issues and the risks.

Note: Also if that news is not related to an Alpha or NEX camera we want to focus your attention on Sony’s video technology development because they will certainly find some “congruences” with the future Alpha and NEX cameras.

December 29, 2010
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Sony Photo Challenge – Week 3 – People


The theme for this week’s challenge is, people. Click on that flickr link to send your pictures. Don’t forget to tag every photo with “SonyPhotoChallenge” and “SonyAlphaRumors“!
This task closes on Tuesday 4 January 2011 at 12:00 GMT. The winning shot will receive a brand new NEX-5 camera from Sony.

December 29, 2010
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(SR5) Sony to announce new compact cameras at CES with 1080p60(!) recording and ultra-fast autofocus!


CES is getting closer (it starts on January 6th) so why not take a look on what’s coming from Sony? According to our sources Sony will launch a huge ammount of new compact cameras (no Alpha and no NEX). We received that small image leak that shows some f the new cameras. One camera should be the Cyber-shot DSC-HX1 successor. We were told that there will be new Bloggie cameras (with bigger screen), new 2D and 3D videocameras. They will feature some of the features Sony introduced in NEX and Alpha cameras during 2010. Sweep panorama, 3D, AVCHD recording. But there are two new features which would be very nice they would include inside the future NEX-7 and A77 cameras:

1) Those will be the very first cameras that can record 1080p60 in AVCHD!!!
2) The contrast autofocus is claimed to as fast as the autofocus from the Panasonic GH2. It can focus in 0.1 seconds!

Now that sounds very promising! Keep following SonyAlphaRumors, connect on Facebook, Twitter and follow our RSS-feed!

December 28, 2010
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Sony Tidbits


Alpha 55 vid – snow in Scotland (Photoclubalpha).

Sony Aims to Capture 30% of Mobile Sensor Market (ImageSensorWorld)

The Art of HDR Photography Part 1 (Dpreview)

Cool! Now you can sue the Nikonos underwater lenses on your Sony NEX (Click here to see them on eBay). The bad news is that your NEX camera is not made to work underwater :)

Leica M8 vs Sony NEX-5 battle by Steve Huff.