What Thom Hogan thinks about Sony…


Thom Hogan analyzed the new Photokina products and that’s what he said about Sony:
Sony: Sony announced most of their wad well prior to the show, with the A560 and A580 being the most recent announcements. I think the jury is still out on Pellicle Round 2, but I like that the Minolta, uh, excuse me, Sony, engineers are still trying to push the box into another shape. NEX dominated their booth, as it probably should. I was heartened to hear that Sony will coming out with a firmware update to address many of we users’ complaints about the user interface, but it’s unclear exactly what is changing other than some video changes. At least they heard the complaints, which is more than I can say for some Japanese camera companies.


(SR5) Sony says the A77 will be much better than expected (?)


Photoclubalpha had a discussion with Paul Genge of Sony UK and reports that “When the new A700-series model appears, Paul confirmed that it will look quite different from the mock-up shown at PMA and again at photokina. All the clues I can get indicate that it does indeed use the same basic internal system as the A33/55, and will have an EVF. But Paul said this camera will include such high specification features that current A700 owners will be amazed.” and “Paul said they intended to complete the A3/5/7 developments and would then turn their attention to new full frame, including an Alpha 900 replacement with features yet to be decided. He pointed to the new 500mm f/4 G SSM, shown in bare metal and with paint on, as evidence of their intentions. Also, it was possible to create a full frame NEX, using the same mount and the A-mount adaptor, but never the same lenses as the APS-C NEX. The mount had been designed to allow this and it might one day happen, in which case full-frame adapted Leica lenses (and so on) would be even more useful. The new standard zoom lens (16-80mm replacement) could be SAM not SSM. Paul pointed to the ring on the front of the mockup (gold ring – a bit of a Tamron-type clue?) and suggested that this could mean the SAM motor.

In summary:

1) the A77 is a SLT camera that will very likely be even better than we imagine….I can imagine a lot :)

2) The A950 will come some months after the A77

3) NEX was designed keeping fullframe in mind

Read the full text at Photoclubalpha. David also talks about the new NEX firmware!

P.S.: We are currently receiving some A77 and A950 rumors and I ask my sources if they can talk with me about that cameras. i need to confirm those rumors before to post them here! Thanks!


Sony NEX new firmware: Hands-On Review by Luminous Landscape!


As you might know Sony officially announced a new firmware update for the [shoplink 3000]NEX-3[/shoplink] and [shoplink 3003]NEX-5[/shoplink] cameras (it will be available by mid-October). There will be also a new firmware upgrade for the NEX-VG10 camcorder in November. Luminous Landscape (Click here) had the chance to test the new firmware!
Interesting notes:
– “Once you work the updated camera for a few minutes it then doesn’t take long to realize that this is a camera reborn.”
– “This firmware update now allows setting the aperture during video shooting, if the mode is set to Aperture priority beforehand (or the Background Defocus control is used). You can’t set the aperture during filming, only beforehand, but at least you can.”
– AF with Sony SAM and SSM lenses: “I tried six different lenses and all autofocused fine, but I found that the AF speed ranged from about two to four seconds. I would therefore judge this to be one of those nice to have capabilities, but frankly not something that I would use often, and certainly not at all if the subject is moving.”

I agree with what they say here: “Well done Sony! From complaints to shipping firmware update in three months shows that there are execs at the company that are listening to end users, and who care. This won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by the user community.“. So now let’s hope Sony is listen to us: We want the A77 and next FF as soon as possible! :)


The longest post ever: all the links and news SAR readers sent me during Photokina time :)


Dear SonyAlphaRumors readers!

In these days I received something like 200-250 mails and comments and I had not enough time to answer you all. Please keep always in mind that:

1) I am doing all the work alone
2) I am doing that in my free time afterworks
3) I try to post a maximum of 3-4 articles per day. This because I have seen that most readers to read the posts on top only.

So please be patient when you send me rumors, news and reviews. I will always try to answer you but give me some time :)

So here is a selecetion of news I received from you. Many Thanks again for all your help!!!

Mail 1

Photokina in 12 minutes from Heiner Hänsel on Vimeo.

The video was produced with the Sony Nex-VG10 with 18-200 mm lens. In postproduction i tuned up the contrast a little bit. The original sound in parts of the film was recorded with the VG10-Micro.

Mail 2

Lofotens Islands with a Sony a55 from NSF-56k on Vimeo.

Nice A55 video with SSM and screw drive lenses.

Mail 3

Here are some pictures of the new sony A7xx And New sony flash: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29933008@N02/sets/72157624887549907/

Mail 4

Here are some images showing the range of the zoom from 18 to 200. The lens is tack sharp. Most of the time it focuses almost instantly. It did have trouble focusing at 200mm shooting into oncoming traffic on 6th Ave (which ends at Central Park
on the corner below). It kept seeking, not fixing on anything. The zoom ring is a bit tight (maybe because it is new. It is fluid though. No lens creep). The panoramic setting only
works at the wide positions. These are all jpegs for ease in sending them to you. The RAW images processed through Photoshop CS4 are excellent!
The new SEL 18200 lens sold out in 24 hours from the Sony Style store on Madison Ave. in Manhattan. That’s about it for today.” Click on thumbnails to enlarge!

Mail 5

Hi Andrea,
I was playing around with my NEX 5 today (it has the latest firmware) and found something funny was happening with the camera when I used adapters on it (so no electronic communication between the camera and the lens).
Under a certain type of compact fluorescent light, the NEX 5 becomes unable to properly render zoomed in versions of the photo it has taken. The RAW files are OK, as is the quick overview preview of the image, but when you zoom in on the camera screen, the colours become weird and with a rasterised effect.
I have documented this in the image below


I have tried this with a Minolta Rokkor lens and adapter as well, and it yields the same result with that light, so this can be replicated (i.e.: its not just a bad combination of lens and adapter). It does not happen with the E-mount 16mm lens. The problem only happens with that sort of light, I suspect. Other shots in different light render OK, but if for example I shoot a scene which includes that light source, once again the rendering becomes trashed.

Mail 6

London Drugs (Western Canada) has the A33 in stock. Notices Sonystyle retail outlet in Richmond, BC did not.”

Mail 7

“I’m in Japan and use α55.
I hope how thing buy think camera must attention about information of how long time can take movie.
in Japan,when around 30degree,
only few min can take movie.
(use anti-shake)some one 2min someone 7min.but not over 10min may be.
this camera can take good movie but can’t use like movie camera.I hope every body not misunderstanding

There are of course more mails and messages but I will pot them later!