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Place your bet: Where will A-mount be in three years from now?


Sony stated that they will keep A-mount and somewhat hinted that it would kept alive in the very high-end segment. We are eagerly waiting to get news about the A99II and I really do hope Sony will give as a “WOW” with that camera as they did with their recent A7rII release.  That said, I am curious to hear from you what your “feeling” tells you about the A-mount future:

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

This is a list of features I hope to see on the new A99II:
– 50+MP sensor
– Really really really fast autofocus which works reliably in low light (much better than the A7rII).
– Best EVF in class
– Really really really long battery life (much better than the A7rII).
– 4K with no overheating issues (thanks to larger body)


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