Plenty of IF awards for Sony!


Many Sony products got awraded by the iF product design award 2013 (Click here). Here you can read the winners and the reason why the designers liked them:

Sony A99:
High-end DSLR featuring a 35 mm full-frame sensor. To offer the exceptional control that shooters demand, the designers focused closely on the grip shape, front-to-back shape and button layout. Taut-looking surfaces seem stretched over each element, from the body to the grip to the pentaprism, giving the camera body an aura of high performance and a sculptural, well-integrated appearance.

Proofing that good things can come in small packages, this camera packs a 35 mm full-frame sensor and large f/2.0 lens into a compact, spartan body of magnesium alloy. For satisfying control and pride of ownership, the smooth, luxurious lens barrel and buttons were refined by repeatedly fine-tuning a universal layout. Subtly rounded ends support both form and function, creating a nicely squarish body that is easier to hold.
And there is also a special Jury-Statement on the RX1:
I love the quality of this camera lens. There are so many details and textures. It also has a very modern feel to it. Here Sony has imagined how to do things differently than anyone else. It is wonderfully designed. Every detail is appropriate. This is a mechanical piece with pleasantly surprising high-quality details.

The DSC-RX100 is small and light, but features a 1” image sensor. High-quality aluminum is used for the body, ensuring optimal rigidity and texture. The main controls are metal and the styling emphasizes the edges, giving users a sense of the camera’s reliability. The centrally positioned lens tube, with a diameter nearly equal to the height of the body, allows the camera to be held securely and makes the control ring easy to operate. The solid feel of the body – not seen before in this class – and the premium simple shape make this camera a joy to own, inspiring users to give free reign to their creativity.

Innovative interchangeable-lens camera housing a large image sensor in a body as small as it can be – barely tall enough to accommodate the mount. Though compact, the camera offers welcome features, such as an LCD screen that tilts to include the shooter and enable high- and low-angle shots, expanding shooting options. A generous grip maintains usability even with larger lenses. Also designed for fast shootings, because a rapid settings adjustment is possible via a dial on the back.

Although a pop-up flash suppresses vignetting in shots applying the optical 20x zoom, the flash sits higher than the mode dial across from it. Fortunately, gently slanted surfaces provide a graceful transition and elegant design accent. Inside, the reassuring grip is a high-capacity capacitor for bright flash in zoomed shots. Subtly contrasting body and lens finishes, a nicely finished band around the body, a perfectly positioned power button and other details make this a highly polished camera.

via TalkNex.