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POLL: Select the 5 Alpha mount lenses you want!


Dear readers!
Your vote matters! Let Sony know what new Alpha lenses you want!

UPDATE: Keep voting until Monday! Invite your friends to vote. More we are more Sony will take us in consideration!

Some notes:
– Please read all the list before voting!
– You can choose a maximum of five lenses.
– Most of the times for the same focal lenght you have different aperture lenses. Usually fast lenses or Zeiss lenses will be very expensive. That’s why you also have slower lens options (if you are on budget or want smaller lenses select that option)
– If you voted a wrong lens contact me. I can change your vote
– The list is very approximative. I learned that everyone has different wishes and I can’t make a list with 300 lenses :) So if you don’t find the lens that exaclty fits your wish try to find a similar lens. What matters is that Sony understands what more or less people is waiting for.
– If I missed to add an important lens contact me. I will add it quickly!
– The list is ordererd by focal lenght (widest lenses on top)
– You can still suggest new lenses for the E-mount poll! The E-mount lens poll will follow in few days.

IMPORTANT: Our comment system has a bug. Not all comments will be displayed (but as administartor I can read them all). I still havn’t figured out how to fix that :(

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