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Probably no product announcement at the next big Sony taking place by end of May!


Sony organized some major meetings with journalists by end of May. Usually when Sony puts that kind of effort there is some related product announcement. But the chances are now increasing that we might get NOTHING at all. Just like at the Kando 2.0 trip in California Sony seems to focus more on creating connections and discussions with the media and artisans.

On the other hand we have to report that Sony registered a new camera code “WW771132” in Asia which means that at leat one new model should be announced within 1-2 months. Nokishita believes that this might be an RX camera:

Historically June is a month where Sony did announce new RX cameras (Source Dpreview):

Let’s see, I hope I am wrong and the A6700 or A7sIII will be announced soon with the new RX!

Note: I also got that info from another source. I am not sure if it’s accurate but the info he shares makes sense:

The kando event was planned to announce the a7siii, but the a7iii got so many preorders and is selling way above sony expectations that they delay the a7siii to make more a7iii, one advantage of having exact same body is that sony can shift easily the manufactering from one model to another depending on demand

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