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Refurbished Sony A7s for $1,899. A7r for $1,299.

[shoplink 41920 ebay]A7s[/shoplink]

Sony is selling a new Stock of refurbished items though their Secondipity partner page on eBay (Click here) and Amazon (Click here). In details those are the direct links to the items listed on eBay (Click on the links to see the price):
[shoplink 41920 ebay]Sony A7s[/shoplink] [shoplink 41923 ebay]Sony A7r[/shoplink] [shoplink 41918 ebay]Sony A7II with 28-70mm lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 41916 ebay]A6000 with two lenses[/shoplink] [shoplink 41914 ebay]Sony VG-C1EM Vertical Grip[/shoplink] [shoplink 41915 ebay]A5100 with kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 41917 ebay]A5000 with kit lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 42006 ebay]A5000 body[/shoplink] [shoplink 41919 ebay]18-200mm[/shoplink]

Hasselblad E-mount lens deal:
The Hasselblad 18-200mm E-mount lens sells for $499 only (Click here). That’s $350 less than the Sony version.
And the Hasselblad 16mm E-mount lens costs $100 less than the Sony version. And you can get both Hasselblad lenses with the extra leather bag too.


You save $900 on the [shoplink 41980 ebay]Sony RX1R sold on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. It’s grey imported but has a one year US seller warranty.

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