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(SR2) Possible reason why the new 85mm G FE fast prime lens may get delayed.


The following rumor comes via a new source. So as usual take those with a large amount of skepticism. I chatted with him for some time yesterday and he said that Sony delayed a bit the launch of the 85mm G FE lens that was rumored to be launched in autumn. He says why:

Announcement depends on relations and partnership with Zeiss, since they couldn’t meet the demand for Batis 85 on time and currently short on stock. He says he was told the management may decide to wait Zeiss to sell Batis with a worldwide coverage.

The same source also said that Sony’s original plan was (or still is) to release two new FE lenses in autumn (with shipments before Christmas). One is the 85mm G FE and one is the 70-200mm f/2.8 FE lens.

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