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Report: Sony has finally opened a crack in the sports segment


The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 “Sony has opened a hole in the two strongest systems of Canon and Nikon in the professional market (news camera). It seems that the usage rate of Sony machines at the Tokyo Olympics was 20 to 30%.

An interview with Mr. Masaaki Oshima, Deputy General Manager of Sony Camera Division, is also posted, and he commented that “α9” has begun to gradually spread to professionals and the results are being produced. Sony has evolved by meeting the expectations of professionals who have strict demands, and the developed functions can be reflected in general-purpose models and smartphones, and the brand power will be enhanced by professional use. It is technically not inferior to SLR cameras, and there is a growing need for video, so Sony is confident that it will be able to take advantage of its strengths.

A few days ago, the Business Journal published an interesting article about whether Canon could catch up with Sony in the future. And PetaPixel also published a a report: “Shooting 50MP Olympics Photos at 30fps”

In summary: Sony broke the Nikon-Canon duopoly and there is a chance that at the next Olympics Sony Alphas will be the most used system by sports photographers.

via DClife

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