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RUMOR: New High End APS-C camera has “improved IBIS”


Image on top shows the current Sony A7c. The new High end APS-C camera will look very similar to it.

Another source basically confirmed what we know so far and added some tidbits (Thanks!):

  • Basically, an a7c with an aps-c sensor.
  • same EVF, LCD resolution
  • same tilt screen
  • same new menus
  • only minor tweaks to a7c body
  • BUT improved IBIS using smaller APS-C sensor
  • New sensor
  • higher resolution over current APS-C line
  • same FPS as a6600 but now pushing larger files
  • improved low-light performance
  • reduced rolling shutter
  • video specs may be close to a7c
  • price similar to a7c
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