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RUMOR: That new High End APS-C cameras name is not A6700. Announcement in two weeks from now!


Image on top shows the A6600. The new camera will replace it.

Just a couple of tidbits rumors I got over the weekend:

  • A trusted source told me the camera will not be named A6700
  • Another trusted source told me to expect the announcement in around two weeks from now
  • Another source who saw the camera says it’s definitely a sort of Sony A7c looking camera.

Rumor recap:

Confirmed info:

  • Announcement late May
  • A6600 replacement
  • same general body form factor but wit many smaller improvements they took from the ZV-1 and A7c
  • Will be branded as “Vlogger” camera

Still to be confirmed:

  • Name: A6700
  • 32MP sensor
  • 4k 60p 10 bit video
  • Fully articulated screen
  • Readout at 12bit is 17ms.
  • Form factor is identical to a7c
  • better lcd and evf minor tweeks to the body.
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