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Rumor recap and small new info: Is the soon to be announced new FF “High Speed” E-mount camera a Sony A7sIII?


As we reported here on SAR Sony will have a new product announcement on April 23. The most reliable info so far is that:

  1. There will be a new High End E-mount FF camera
  2. This camera is all about speed: fastest AF of all Sony E-mount cameras, around 20fps, unlimited RAW recording
  3. Dual SD card
  4. Bit larger than current A7II camera series
  5. It has a joystick control on the back
  6. New FE lenses coming (16-35mm f/2.8 GM and 100-400mm FE G)

But it’s unclear yet what camera this is. These are the possibilities:

  1. New special Sony A9 camera (or A8 or whatever): Which means first of a new line.
  2. New Sony A7III camera with high speed AF and FPS
  3. New Sony A7sIII camera with high speed AF and FPS and terrific High ISO performance

It may be that the long time rumored new High End FF E-mount camera (tentatively named “A9” in the prototype stage) will indeed be a new generation A7 cameras which will be placed above the current line (in terms of price, size and obviously performance). And the last few days I got some yet to be confirmed hints that the camera is going to be very similar to the current A7II series (just a bit larger) and that the camera might be a new Sony A7sIII. But this is far from confirmed yet so don’t hold me accountable yet on that….

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Zeiss reminder: the new Batis 135mm f/2.8 will be announced next week (April 4th or April 5th)

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