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RUMOR: Sony might announce new lens(es) on March 22!


On October 21 Sony announced the latest E-mount product, the new A7IV. Now, nearly five months after we might finally get something new!  One usually reliable source told me that:

the first release of a new Sony product in 2022 will be on March 22nd.

This is coming from one reliable source only, so don’t take it as 100% solid rumor. I hope other sources can soon send me a confirmation (via anonymous contact box or via email). UDPATE: I got confirmation there is a new lens announcement!

From what I gathered this should be a new lens (or lenses). And not about a new camera. Like I told you before the ZV styled camera, the A7RV and later the A9III will be on market the second half of the year only. I am trying now to get the specs of the new lens(es) that could be announced on March 22.

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