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RUMOR: Sony will announce 6 new E-mount lenses in 2020. Most of them tele primes and tele zooms?


This is a rumor from a very solid source. I  know this because he shared the 2019 lens roadmap I did NOT post on SAR because he was an anonymous first time source. Well his 2019 roadmap was right (it included for example the new 70-350mm lens). So I am confident this roadmap is realistic:

  • Sony plans to launch six more E-mount lenses in 2020
  • One of them will be APS-C
  • Most lenses will be tele primes and tele zooms (but some of them might be updates of current lenses like 70-200mm G).

I guess it makes sense for Sony to update some of their lenses (particularly some GM zooms) and to launch new tele lenses that can suite sport and wildlife shooters.

Rumor ranking explained:
I now post only  two kind of rumors:

RUMOR: Marks rumors that  are somehow more solid and likely to be true
WILD RUMOR: Marks rumor that are from anonymous and first time sources. We post them just for the sake of fun and clickbait of course  :)

Note: Please hold me accountable for the “RUMOR” and not for “WILD RUMOR”  :)

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