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RUMOR: Yes Sony will announce new E-mount camera around the CP+ show. Is the A7IV finally going to be announced?


We now heard from two reliable sources that Sony will definitely announce new E-mount gear “around” the CP+ show.  On of the sources said there will be at least a new camera and a new handle with Bluetooth “VCT”.

I got NO confirmation yet about WHAT camera we should expect but I bet high on the new Sony A7 IV. After all the A7III was announced at the CP+ show two years ago.

I have no info on lenses yet but there is surely a good chance we might get 1-2 new lenses too. Like I reported days ago Sony plans to announce a total of SIX new E-mount lenses in 2020.

Now let’s guess the possible A7IV specs:
It safe to think the A7IV will be an evolution and not a revolution. Something like the A7rIV with a 24MP sensor. I would appreciate Sony to surprises us and at least offer us not the same A7III sensor but a completely new version of it.
For the rest I expect the A7IV to have the same EVF, same AF system and same body design of the A7rIV.

And when the A7sIII?
After a very long waiting I am now confident the A7sIII is coming at the NABshow. The only reliable rumor I got said it would have 4k120p and a vent on the back to cool down the sensor.


  • 6 new E-mount lenses will be announced in 2020 (1 APS-C, some lenses are update of current lenses, many tele lenses and on new wide angle GM lens)
  • 1 new camera will be announced around the CP+ show
  • 1 new grip will be announced around the CP+ show
  • Many more announcement expected from Sigma, Tamron, Tokina (85mm f/1.8 FE)…stay tuned on SAR for those rumors :)
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