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RUMOR: Third source confirms new A9 camera is coming in early 2021. There will be definitely a lot of new FE lenses in 2021 too.


I didn’t get any new specs about the new A9 camera yet. The latest I got is that a third reliable source now confirmed the A9 rumor is real:

my source told me new a9 camera coming in early 2021
a9 has 8k too.
don’t know if name is a9m3 or a9R

What he also added is that Sony plans to release a lot of new FE lenses. Some of them brand new and a few of them are update of existing lenses.

I think A9r would make a lot of sense as a name because you get both: The speed of the A9 and the resolution of the “R” series…what do you think?

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