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Again rumors about the “Surprising” Sony camera


You surely remember the let down the day of the Sony RX10mV announcement. We had big expectation also because one of our trusted sources said there would be “something surprising”. Well, it seems he was wrong on the timing but he may be still right on the vague “content” of this rumor.

First that source said his info is 100% confirmed and there is a surprising and yet “non rumored” Sony camera. He assumed it would be announced along the RX10mIV because he got details about this camera…so he expected to see it announced soon.

And now a second trusted source that is actually close to a direct competitor told me this: The competition got wind of this new kind of camera and he confirmed to me that indeed this seems to be ready for an announcement.

I hope both sources can share some insights soon as we really have no clue what kind of camera we should expect (if those rumors are correct).

While I think both sources are trustworthy I still invite SAR to fly low on this. What may be surprising for them may not be really exciting (or too expensive) for us. So let’s keep expectations low for now until we hopefully get some real details.

To sum up: There seems to be some camera coming that is not part of the usual range (A7x or A6xxx and so on). And it may be the first of a new line?

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