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SAR reader claims to have spotted the A9…


The new A9 is supposed to be a more “DSLR” alike sized camera (image above is a rendering)

A SAR reader who prefers to remain anonymous sent me this:

Walking through battery park Manhattan around 5:35pm, I came across someone walking towards 1 world trade, with a graphite looking camera with no markings or paint in a slightly larger and boxier shape than my [shoplink 47718 ebay]a7r ii[/shoplink], when I realized it was too large to be a [shoplink 47716 ebay]Fuji XT1[/shoplink] but too small to be a [shoplink 47717 ebay]Leica T[/shoplink], I looked closer and noticed the user (short chubby guy with red goatee) was using a Sony GM 24-70mm 2.8 lens on the body.
The photographer was pretty uncomfortable when I started asking questions. But I can say this. It was in fact a Sony A9(?!?) proto type, it is slightly larger than the A7Rii however it does not have a built in battery grip. Good things are it does have dual card slots, definitely sd maybe cfast, I really don’t know much about different cards, but he did say it has 2. It has a joystick for autofocus point moving. But most importantly, when he showed me the joystick, the spot where it would say 42M on my a7rii, it said Extra Fine 72M!!
He said this was one of a few prototypes out there and that it was due out end of summer for early fall release (can’t say this is real or not).
I know I am not a source or anything, but this thing was legit!!!

While the above rumor is not from a trusted source and therefore to take with a big grain of salt I can confirm via other highly reliable sources that a new High End E-mount camera will be announced by Sony: There is a 90% chance the following info is correct:

“The next generation flagship mirrorless camera from Sony will be a giant leap. It will drop a huge bomb in the imaging industry. It will not be A7III or A7RIII. It will be a new model above A7 series. I would say A9 (let’s name it as the new model). So the new A9 will have [shoplink 46602 ebay]dual XQD card slot[/shoplink], no CFast version, only XQD. A9 can do UNLIMITED RAW burst, UNLIMITED. The camera wont pause for buffering.”

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