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Best cheap gear: 70€ Minolta 50mm MC Macro Rokkor QF 3.5 on the A7II.


[shoplink 35229 ebay]Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-05 um 14.26.29[/shoplink] Image by Drasko (SonyAlphaForum).  and facebook…tojaphotography

The Sony A7II is capable of fulfilling two tasks that only 2 years ago where pure dreams:

1) Use any kind of third-party lens on an affordable Full Frame camera
2) Improve the image quality with those lenses by adding on sensor stabilization.

So I figured out it would be nice to show you how you can spend $100 or less for a second-hand lens and take great pictures with it.

SAR reader Drasko tested the [shoplink 35229 ebay]70€ Minolta 50mm MC Macro Rokkor QF 3.5[/shoplink] on the A7II. You can find all the pictures on our SonyAlphaForum (Click here). Those images are simply great!

The lens only way to grab the lens is on [shoplink 35229 ebay]eBay (search results here)[/shoplink].
[shoplink 35229 ebay]

drasko[/shoplink] Image by Drasko (SonyAlphaForum)

More about Drasko’s photos can be seen at:

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